Water Heaters

CTB Plumbing installs Rheem gas or electric water heaters.  Houston families use their water heater every day.  While water heaters located in the garage may get a few more glances than those located in attic crawl spaces; When was the last time your water heater was looked at by a professional?


Yearly water heater maintenance is recommended by the manufacturer of all appliances.  While homeowners may feel capable to drain their water heater once per year, a professional will also check valves, manifolds, and gas lines (where applicable).  It is also recommended to thoroughly check the heater for leaks and rust spots which have the potential to cause major damage to the home.


Maybe your water heater is older than that spider web in the corner or maybe you feel the capacity is no longer adequate for the size of your growing family.  Whatever your needs may be at CTB Plumbing we can help make the transition to the water heater that is right for your family.  From permits to installation of your new equipment and removal of the old, we’ve got you covered.

Take a look at some of our tank-type water heater installs.

Tank Water Heater Install in Attic Space Tank type water heater installed in closet space tank type water heater installed in closet space


Interested in going tankless?  We can do that too…