Many Houston area homes were built with galvanized or copper plumbing pipes.  While these types of pipes are sturdy for many years they do degrade over time.  Homeowners may notice a metallic taste to their drinking water.  Some homeowners even report seeing rust particles floating in their tap water.

Signs it’s time to replace your pipes

  • Discoloration of water
  • Metallic taste of water
  • Age of pipes (over 15 years)
  • Leaks

What does CTB Plumbing replace my pipes with?

CTB Plumbing uses PEX pipe.  PEX is a flexible pipe (cross-linked polyethylene) rated to endure extreme cold or hot conditions.  PEX is often guaranteed by the manufacturers for more than 20 years.

CTB Plumbing can replace your old galvanized or copper piping by section (vertical or horizontal) or all at once (whole-house).  Give us a call today!  Customers in our service area receive a free in-home estimate on replacement.