Where the Drain Line Clogs

It could happen any given day at any given time, but no time ever seems like the right time for a drain to clog.   A long time plunging later and you’ve reconciled yourself to calling someone out to fix it for you.  So how can you begin to isolate that this is just the toilet and not a major problem you will wind up shelling out thousands of dollars for?

The Local Problem

  • First check that the problem is local to the area you are experiencing – this time it’s the toilet.
  • When you attempt to flush the toilet, do you notice water rising anywhere else in the house?
  • In the same bathroom, does the water drain from the sink or tub faucet?

If the water doesn’t come back to you from anywhere else in the home and the other fixtures seem to be draining properly your issue is likely local to your toilet.  When a plunger won’t cut it, an auger often will.  If you feel uncomfortable using an auger in your toilet (some may seem very tight depending on the type of toilet) a plumber can have this problem worked out for you in no time at all, but that doesn’t equate to a cheap fix.

The Global Problem

  • Your toilet isn’t draining, but water is definitely coming back into the home and it isn’t clean.
  • Multiple drains on the same side of the house or throughout the entire house do not drain.

We hate to be the bearer of bad news but you definitely have a problem that is effecting the global synergy of your home’s waste water delivery system.  There are many reasons that this could be happening however they generally all involve your main sewer line.  Hope for a clog but prepare yourself for the possibility that it could be something worse.  A clog can easily be worked through by a licensed plumber with a jet machine through the sewer line.  Should the plumber be unable to clear the line they will suggest a camera to try to identify the main issues.  Often we find broken lines or roots from neighboring trees.


If you feel you have reached the point of no return with a local or global clog problem, give Chris a call with CTB Plumbing today at (832) 766-1930.

Tree Trimming & Your Plumbing

Ok, it may seem weird for a plumber to discuss the importance of trimming your trees but hear us out.  Every year Houston homeowners spend thousands of dollars repairing line damages caused by tree roots.  While various department stores sell root killers you can shove down your line, these typically cause major damage to the trees.

The easiest way to keep your trees from damaging your property:

  1.  Know where your plumbing lines are.  –  The first step to prevention is knowing your enemy.  Or in this case knowing where you need to keep your trees away from.
  2. Have the canopy of your tree trimmed.  –  Tree roots grow slightly beyond the canopy of the tree itself.  The larger the top of the tree is allowed to grow outward, the farther the roots need to go to fetch water.

Trees will always seek out a water source, what better source than one that is constantly carrying away water from your home.  In this case, an ounce of prevention is worth not paying us to have to replace your sewer line.

Fred B. ★★★★★

Chris gave a thorough explanation of possibilities before he started the work and once he began the job he encountered unforseen problems requiring extra parts and he never passed that cost on to me – he kept to his original proposal. He was polite, respectful, punctual, and cleaned up after the job was completed. I will use his services again

Anonymous ★★★★★

Chris was very professional, friendly and did an excellent job in replacing my rusted galvanized riser with copper piping into the home. His price was very reasonable. For your plumbing needs, I would recommend CTB Plumbing.

Michael B. ★★★★★

Chris, the owner of CTB Plumbing is an intelligent, thorough, well-spoken and trustworthy guy. He responded quickly to my query through HomeAdvisor and managed work around my schedule since it was not an emergency. I had an upstairs shower leak which Chris determined (using a borescope up through the sub-floor…smart) that it really wasn’t a plumbing issue but rather failed caulked joints around the glass door and window panels…the upstairs shower is above my garage and I had cut-out the ceiling already to enable inspection. Chris didn’t charge me a dime. Believe me – I will call Chris for all future plumbing problems. I doesn’t get any better than CTB Plumbing…I’ve used some of the big name companies and they are ridiculously expensive for even the smallest of jobs. Call Chris!