Tree Trimming & Your Plumbing

Ok, it may seem weird for a plumber to discuss the importance of trimming your trees but hear us out.  Every year Houston homeowners spend thousands of dollars repairing line damages caused by tree roots.  While various department stores sell root killers you can shove down your line, these typically cause major damage to the trees.

The easiest way to keep your trees from damaging your property:

  1.  Know where your plumbing lines are.  –  The first step to prevention is knowing your enemy.  Or in this case knowing where you need to keep your trees away from.
  2. Have the canopy of your tree trimmed.  –  Tree roots grow slightly beyond the canopy of the tree itself.  The larger the top of the tree is allowed to grow outward, the farther the roots need to go to fetch water.

Trees will always seek out a water source, what better source than one that is constantly carrying away water from your home.  In this case, an ounce of prevention is worth not paying us to have to replace your sewer line.